{Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!} - Philippians 4:4

My New Year's Resolutions:
My Lifetime Goals:

To gain patience.
To drink hot tea/coffee at least once a day.
To not stress over the little things.
To speak up.
To lead a bible study for teens.
To become a vegetarian (with a couple cheat days :).
To glorify God in everything I do.
To travel the world.
To be a mentor.
To read the whole bible.
To sew a collection and have it in a fashion show.
To catch up with old friends.
To sketch everyday.
To buy a homeless person's meal.
To become a runner or just an exerciser for that matter!
To love unconditionally.
To open a boutique/make a brand for Genesis3:21.
To have a tea party.
To keep (and actually use) a calendar.
To take a picture of everything I do in one day.
To gain wisdom.
To keep on keeping on.
To actually make things on my Pinterest board. 
To maintain this online diary.
To be honest.
To smile constantly.
To serve others for day(s), week(s), or year(s).
To have a PASSION for Christ.


Asking that God take over this heart of mine and yours too.

Love you ladies dearly. 

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