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{Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.  ~Rabindranath Tagore}

   From the time I began high school, I made a promise to myself and to the Lord that I would become a more outspoken Christian and live out my faith.  I decided that I was going to reinvent myself from the showy, worldly, girl that felt she was all that and a bag of chips (not to try and make myself sound cocky because I was not showy about my personality). I was still a bashful person as I am today, but I realized I had "assets" that could be used for attention.  I used texting the other sex, getting on the computer, and other means of communication as a way to get said attention. My actions were sneaking by my friends because I seemed like a Christian...going to church, praying, etc. But the sin eating me from the inside out couldn't hid from my schemes. I was going through the motions, living how I wanted, and glorifying my own faults. What was I doing and where was I going? I was doing sin and I was going nowhere. This is when my revelation happened. As said before, I reinvented myself, bit by bit.
   Normally when one begins high school, they have the challenge of finding the right friends, getting involved with the right crowd, finding the perfect guy, etc. This all started to overwhelm me as a small freshman who barely knew how to get from class to class.  But I began to rely on God for answers to these worldly advances. He answered my friends question by bringing two great godly influences into my life, who I am best friends with as of now.  He allowed me to become involved with different clubs and sports so I would occupy my time with those concerns instead of lusting after the opposite sex. Finally, he brought a wonderful guy into my life that made a huge impact on me by teaching me about loving the Lord and not being afraid to stand for what I believe in.  God delivered in my time of need and I am slowly learning that he continues today.
   Today, I still go through trials and tribulations, struggle with feeling God's presence, and living the way I should.  But I always know that God is my maker and my savior.  He will forgive me for all of my sinful deeds that I commit today and the rest of my life. I am forgiven and I will shine for you.

Blouse: Apt. 9 via Goodwill
Poncho: Papaya
Jeans: Delia's
Necklace: JCPenny
Boots: Rack Room Shoes

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