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{For with God nothing is impossible.} - Luke 1:37

First off, I wanted to begin by saying that I'm sorry for the lack of posts in the past month...its been super hectic!  Between school, DECA, HOSA, and the other clubs i'm associated with, its just been crazy.  However, cheerleading has just ended so this will free up some of my time that I can now devote to the blog!

So on to more good news, this weekend my team won the Canam Cheer Nationals for the third year in a row!!  I can honestly say this year has been tough; we've had to work harder than we ever have before.  I'm so proud of us coming together as a true team in last practices. This competition showed each and every one of us that when we put our faith in God, everything falls into place.  I loved experiencing the rush and excitement like it was my first competition all over again.  I can't wait to go back for my final year and hopefully have an undefeated season once more.

Here are a few photos of the competition...I'll be posting more photos soon :)

(Sorry for the blurriness on some pictures!)

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