Home, sweet home

{the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.} - Psalm 121:8

 Finally, I'm home again. To lay in my bed and snuggle with cat...words cannot express how happy it makes me! Going to China was the adventure of a lifetime, a trip I will never forget. I learned SO much, appreciate more now, and yearn to go back. I can't wait to share with you my pictures...I only took 1,307! Until then, here are some pictures of my newest closet addition: a Chinese dress!

Here a few facts that stuck with me:
  • They have so little, but appreciate so much.
  • Culture shock - seeing so many people.
  • Everyone wears wedges or heels..no exceptions!
  • The Chinese language is made up of 8 different strokes.
  • Each Chinese calligraphy character tells a different story, many of them being from the bible!
  • The Great Wall is even bigger than my mind could comprehend.
  • They do not wear wedding rings, but instead pass down jade bracelets from the groom's mother to the bride.
  • Their currency is RMB or yen. If you divide their price by 6, you have a rough estimate of the cost in US dollars.
  • Chinese babies are precious!
  •  Toilet paper is a nonrenewable resource...because it was scarcely found.


  1. Beautiful dress :) though I always thought that chinese dresses are more tight.

    lol Are chinese girls small? I mean that why they wear wedges or heels.


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