{Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.} - John 17:17

{Dress: Kensie // Blazer: H&M //  Shoes: Betsey Johnson // Jewelery: Ross}

It's over. 

 My freshman year of college is already done with. 

It seems as if yesterday, I were just going through interviews, applying for scholarships, and finally getting acceptance letters after much anticipation. This year flew by so fast, but when I look back, I am astounded by the knowledge I've gained and the wonderful "family" that my major has become. Through the all-nighters, how-many-page english papers, and volleyball (which is surprisingly hard!),  I can honestly say that I am in the right place. 

This year, I constantly struggled with whether I was meant for this major, this college, and this new lifestyle.  I doubted what seemed as a "divine experience" when getting into the college of my dreams because I couldn't understand that my worth was not dependent on my works, others opinions, or my comparison to them. Slowly, I have begun to realize that God has put me here for a reason. Even though I may not be as successful in some of my design attempts or be able to envision the most innovative garment as the other girls in my major, the fact that I try my hardest is enough to please God. Accepting this fact is something, that as you can tell, I'm still unsure of, but isn't that what faith is? To believe because you know God and that he is a gracious father who never fails. 

So, even though this year may be over, my growth spiritually and intellectually is just beginning. The future is unclear and honestly, scary, but to know that God will never leave my side brings that stability to this crazy life.


Whatever season you're in, whether beginning or ending, I hope that the next chapter of your life can be planted in Christ and the truths that we can hold on to. 

With much love // Catherine

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