Praying Payton

{If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer} - Matthew 21:22

Prayer...yes,'s something we do before we eat and sometimes we whisper words when we are in difficult situations, but honestly, is this what prayer means?

Lately, I've been struggling with not necessarily my faith, but my worship in Christ.  This past Sunday, our lesson was about submitting yourself fully during worship....this means not thinking about how hungry I am or how uncomfortable these shoes means solely thinking about God during this time.  We also discussed the need to put God into our morning routines.  My teacher handed out a sheet that listed some common hygiene habits and things to get one spiritually ready in the morning. I noticed that I did just about everything on this list except for the important ones (reading scripture, praying, etc.)! Whoa...this was a wake-up call for the girl rolling through the motions.  I realized that in order to become closer to God, I have to actually try and work at this. This may be an obvious lesson to some, but for me, it was a great defeat in the struggles I have been undertaking lately.

{These were the treats I took to the gymnastics Christmas party}

Just another tid-bit:
A little boy named Payton was even more encouragement for me today. I went to work for a gymnastics center not too long ago and tonight we had our Christmas party.  He asked me to pray with him before he ate his snack. I loved leading him in "God is Great" and it truly blessed me. This showed me that no meal or matter is too small for Christ.

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