{9} born to be an American

{Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it} - Psalm 34:14

"My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty..."  Patriotism, nationalism, and overall pride in our country could sum up the commemoration of September 11th.  Ten years ago when the planes crashed into the Twin Towers, not only did our country suffer, but learned a lesson.  When we suffer, God doesn't want us to dwell on the occurence, but rather pick up the pieces and learn something out of a tragedy.  God works in mysterious ways and I believe that the terrorist attack was all in His plans. 

Usually people associate this day with harsh feelings toward the terrorists.  Yes, they did try to make a mockery of our nation and rip the heart out of our capital, but think about your own life and the things you do every day.  I think over the years, my sins could add up to this tradgedy.  No, I haven't flown a plane into a building, but I have crashed the self esteem of others for my own self pleasure.  I'm not trying to state that a crime was commited nor was it outrageous, but I am trying to make a point....How can we hold a grudge over something when we sin everyday?

As my choir director was speaking this morning about this same topic, she brought up how hard it is to forgive others when you don't have peace within yourself.  You don't have to forgive the terrorists for their deeds, but it would be good to examine your own heart.  How have you destructed and devestated others?

Find peace within yourself through God.

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