{10} ruffles and relationships

{But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner}  -  Luke 18:13

Finally, cooler weather has come to town!  I can't wait to pull out wool-y sweaters and soft scarves.  The thought of transitioning into fall seems wonderful, but also terrifying in the same instance.  Just yesterday, it seems the beach balls and shorts were being unpacked from the depths of my closet.  I can't fathom how all of a sudden I am going to have to go from shorts and silky tanks to warm, cozy, sweaters...not that I am complaining!    

Church was very enlighting today as usual.  This week we are going through a time of refreshing as a church.  To me, I comprehend it as a way to "get right with God."  Today, the guest speaker's sermon was based on the essence of a close relationship with Jesus Christ.  Nothing can come between God and yourself when you have surrendered your life to his service.  I really connected with the examples he gave...Luke 18:9-14.  He used this parable to describe how we are like the Pharisee when we out to be like the tax collector.  The Pharisee only praised himself and told God great HE was.  The tax collector, on the other hand, showed humility and asked for God to show mercy upon him.  One of the major statements throughout the service was "Will you be dignified or justified?"  Examine your hearts and I encourage you to read Luke 18:9-14.  I hope you choose being justified through God! 
Top: Candies via Khols
Sweater: DKNY Outlet
Jeans: Ann Loft via Goodwill
Shoes: Nine West Outlet
Jewelry: Forever 21

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