Busy as a Bee

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{His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh}
                                                                    - Song of Solomon 5:13

Busy, busy, busy.  Between the ice sheets on the road and my crazy schedule, life was a little hectic today. With the cold weather i tried to come up with a cozy outfit to keep toasty.

I was so excited when i got this skirt for christmas from F21.  Its perfect for dressing up or down and i can wear brown or black with it.  The gray top is another one of my favorites because it actually fits me as a "shirt dress" with leggings.   Also, I've fallen in love with the cowlneck scarf trend! They are very practical and warm, while fashionable and statement pieces.  The mustard colored tights are my favoite piece.   They add the suprise factor that people stare at you and think, "why do you have yellow legs?" But, I love them even if it means taking a chance in my small town.  Hope your staying cozy today :)   

                                     I also noticed i have no shoes on..sorry! I would wear black knee boots or my F21 booties

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              {Wearing: F21 gray "shirt dress"/ floral skirt/ headband, gifted scarf, necklace from belk}

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