{ And the servant of the lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient..}
 - 2 Timothy 2:24

Church today really opened my eyes to a subject I hadn't thought about.  Our preacher talked about being servants and humbling yourself rather than implementing today's society rules.  As i examined myself, I realized that I needed to watch my attitude towards others.  Becoming a servant isn't just saying you are, but believing that idea and using it to help others, self sacrifice, and let God be the real king of our lives.  The qoute that stood out in the sermon most was "Take off your crown and put on your sandals."  If each one of us took time to do this each day as God did when he washed the feet of the disciples, think of how different the world would be today. 

{Wearing: Rue21 gray dress, red jacket (?), mother's old belt, Kensie cheetah tights, F21 black booties, Betsey Johnson necklace, gold hoops (?), F21 cheetah scarf }


{Please Read John 13}

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  1. thank you for your sweet comment, elizabeth! (: and i love this look! i'm such a fan of black and red together - it looks classic and always flattering! you look lovely!


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