whatta nerd

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                    {Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man
                                                 who looks at his face in a mirror}
                                                              -James 1:23

As you can see, my attire was all but inspiring today!  My days of internship are coming to a close and believe me.. I don't think I'll be missing them.  I am glad that I had this experience though because I would've been considering a career i'm not at all interested in! Did you ever have a jobshadowing or internship experience that helped you?
I also decided to raid my mom's old cosmetics and jewelry this past week.  The geek-y glasses have been a trend but i've been a little hesitant to it.  When I found these glasses in one of my mom's drawers, I knew they would suit me! A little geek, vintage, and chic.  These glasses will be my go to accessory for a while:)

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             {Wearing: blue polo (?), abercrombie and fitch kakihs (goodwill), F21 belt, gifted earrings, mom's glasses}

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