{1} mad (wo)men

{I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.} - John 16:33

 Today, is the beginning of the back to school challenge.  I actually wore something different today {which I will be posting soon to come}, but to get things kick started, so to speak, I wanted to showcase a personal favorite of mine.  

My dad bought the contents of a widower's estate about a year ago.  Within the piles of rubble were various clothes racks filled with vintage goodies!  I was pleased to find many dresses in good condition along with vintage pocketbooks galore!  This dress is one of those many finds..the handmade feel and vintage quality are perfect for dressing up or down.  Here, I was going to get my school supplies so, I decided to take on the "Mad Men" appraoch I've been seeing in Glamour and Vogue.  I added different pops of color to help add some modern appeal to the outfit.  I also kept my pocketbook simple by wearing a white, picnic-type purse. 

Although many vintage dresses are tacky and ill fitting, alterations can be done to make them look better!  For example, when I first spotted this dress, it was approximatly 3 inches longer. I was so anxious to wear it that I kept getting frustrated when my mom wouldn't fix it.  Finally, i took it to my grandma's and viola...it was hemmed!  So, never get stuck on the what if's or get discouraged when searching through junk piles...there is always a solution to a fashion disaster.



Dress: Vintage
Belt: Chaps via Khols
Earrings: Betsey Johnson (Betseyville)
Bracelet: Mom's
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Sister's

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