The Back to School Challenge

{As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man}  - Proverbs 27:19


This year, as like many before, I've gone on back to school shopping sprees including anything from shoes, pocketooks, jewelry, and the basics.  Over the years of buying and buying, I've lost track of all the wonderful items that I own.   Each item I bought for a reason, whether it be a special occasion, date night, or like i said, back to school.  This year, as I plan to statrt my junior year in highschool, I want to reinvent those pieces and make a challenge out of it. 

The challenge is:  Go as many days as possible without wearing the same piece of clothing, or wearing an outfit I have already created.

I am hoping this challenge will help me broaden my spectrum.  Instead of going straight to blue or black for a formal event or putting on my favorite maxi dress for a cool summer date night, I'm going to open my mind to many options. I am so exciteed to jump into this project and get into my creative side. 

But wait!...there's more because you can join too!  Whether you are starting a new career, going to college, or just trying to mix things up a bit, try using every piece in your closet.  You will find great pride in wearing every item you own because, well ladies..let's be honest, how many items hang in our closet with tags still on them?! This challenge is to get you into those items you never wear or get rid of the ones you wear too much.  So get to it ladies and start your remixing, rematching, and overall rediscovery of that dark hole you call your closet!

(below is a short post to tide me over until I start the challenge)



Top: Banana Republic Closet
Blazer: J. Crew via Mega Thrift
Skirt: Goodwill
Jewelry: Premier and vintage
Shoes: Unionbay via Khols

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